Collar Styles

Collar styles will be customized to your taste. My two piece hand turned collars have removable stiffeners to ensure the points fit perfectly and elegantly with or without a tie.

Button Down Collar Great Neck

Classic Spread Collar

This beautiful collar can be customized by you for point length and spread, so follow your taste preference.

Club Collar Great Neck

Curved Collar

Excellent Idea for your wardrobe and the point length and spread is up to your personal taste

Deep Cutaway Collar Great Neck

Wide spread collar

Can be worn with a large tie knot of your choice, or open at the neck, made fly front , button front french front

Club Collar Great Neck

Button Down collar

Great dress or sport collar.The point length, spread and the roll of the collar will be up to you.

Club Collar Great Neck

Band Collar

Traditional, sporty and very comfortable